The National People's Assembly

The first legislative election in Algeria took place on September 20, 1962, a few months after national independence. The Assembly, elected for a term of one year, was especially designed to promulgate the law of the country, which gave birth to the Constitution of September 10, 1963, including the unicameral principle of the Algerian Parliament. The mandate of the National Assembly will be extended for one year in accordance with Article 77. In October 1963, the decision of the President of the Republic to use all powers, in accordance with Article 59 of the Constitution, had the effect of freezing the activities of the National Assembly. From 1965 to 1976, a Council of the Revolution was established at the top of the Algerian State, which has the sovereign authority (Order of July 10, 1965). On November 22, 1976, in the completion of the institutions of the Algerian State, a new Constitution was promulgated, which established (Art. 126) a single chamber called National People’s Assembly (NPA), responsible for exercising the legislative power, elected on February 25, 1977 for a term of five (05) years, and regularly renewed in 1982 and 1987.  

The constitutional revision of 28 February 1989 makes no exception to the unicameral principle maintaining the National People's Assembly, although it cherishes the separation of legislative, executive and judicial branches of government (Art. 92). The renewal of the Assembly, at the end, was interrupted by the resignation of the President of the Republic, which created a legal limbo. This resulted in the establishment of transitional structures (High State Committee and National Advisory Council and the National Transitional Council), until the constitutional revision of November 28, 1996, which amended the Algerian institutional landscape by introducing a bi-cameral parliament consisting of a National People’s Assembly of 389 members, and a Council of the Nation of 144 members. These institutions were elected on June 5, 1997, and that was the first pluralist parliament election of independent Algeria.