In a meeting with the Algerian Prime Minister, President underlies expanding economic ties between private sectors of Iran and Algeria

Algerian Prime Minister - President Hassan Rouhani

TEHRAN, 24 Nov, President Hassan Rouhani in a meeting on Tuesday with the visiting Algerian Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal said that the two countries' private sectors had better boost up the existing level of their economic relations.

Describing Algerian state and nation as friendly and brotherly with Iranians, he stressed that the two countries must strengthen and further expand their cooperation and ties in coming years for the benefit of the two nations.

"Regarding the existing excellent potentialities and capacities, the level of the two countries relations is not that much acceptable, thus the governmental and private sectors of the two countries should strive hard to further promote and pump up the relations," Dr. Rouhani added.

Stating that Iranians keep a good memory of their brotherly Algerians' braveness especially from the time colonial time he said:" The two nations have also some cultural, economic and political commonalities which can help them to expand and deepen their existing level of mutual ties, especially in the field of agriculture, mine, science, technology, tourism and cultural affairs".

President Rouhani described Algerian Prime Minister's attending the 3rd Forum of Gas Exporting Countries (GECF) here in Tehran as profitable for starting a new move toward sustainable production and export of gas to the world market, and an incentive to hold the upcoming Joint Economic Commission in Algiers for further expansion of the mutual cooperation.

Reiterating that Iran and Algeria keep close stances and approaches to the regional issues such as what is happening in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and in North of Africa, he said:"As all regional issues are solvable only through political mechanisms, Iran and Algeria can share their good experiences and contributions to solve somehow the issues effectively".   

Algerian Prime Minister on his part congratulated and apprised Iranians efforts to hold a successful GECF and express satisfaction and hope Algiers would hold keep seize the opportunity of post sanctions era to further contribute in Iranian economy based on mutual understanding and for the establishment of peace and security in the region.

"There are many good potentialities between the two states and nations that can definitely help boosting the available level of mutual ties and cooperation especially in the field of economy and solving regional issues, he added.