Algeria Reviews Oil Market with OPEC Members in Tehran Gas Summit

Algerian Minister of Energy in Tehran Gas Summit

TEHRAN (FNA), Nov. 21, 2015: Algerian Minister of Energy and Mines Salah Khebri said he has negotiated with his counterpart from the OPEC member states the latest crude oil developments on the sidelines of the ministerial meeting of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) in Tehran on Saturday.

Speaking to the oil ministry's news agency (Shana)  after taking part in the Extraordinary Ministerial Meeting of GECF, he said he took the opportunity of the gas event to discuss oil market with the ministers whose countries are members of both GECF and OPEC and are attending the Tehran event.

Reports said Algerian prime minister is expected to arrive in Tehran to take part in the Summit Meeting slated for Monday.

Algerian Prime Minister - GECF

“Algeria is ready to cooperate with the GECF member states,” Khebri added, “The summit is an opportunity to exchange ideas with the world’s major energy holders”.

He did not elaborate about the OPEC ministers with whom he met in Tehran as Iran, Algeria, Venezuela and Qatar are the countries present in the GECF meetings in Tehran and also members to OPEC.