8th International Exhibition of Tourism Industry in Isfahan

The 8th International Exhibition of Tourism Industry was held on 17-20 May 2016 in Isfahan near the historic Shahrestan Bridge, the venue of Isfahan Province’s international exhibitions.

The main objective of the exhibition was to develop tourism, boost this clean and non-pollutant industry, and present different countries’ touristic potentials to the public.

Isfahan Tourism Exhibition 1

The timing of the exhibition in May, as the high season for domestic and foreign tourism in Isfahan, would contribute to the success of the event and enhance its efficiency. That is why the Algerian embassy decided to attend the exhibition in order to make known the divers touristic potentials of Algeria to the Iranian and foreign visitors. The aim of the embassy was to introduce to public its enormous tourist attractions, by exposing Algerian traditional items including handicrafts, dresses, and local pastries and projecting some documentaries on the historic and natural landscapes of different regions of Algeria.

Isfahan Tourism Exhibition 2

It is important to note that some of the big Iranian companies supported the embassy to achieve this objective by their precious sponsorships, including Kayson, Armeno, Nastaran Electric and M.N.S. Transfer Machines.

Isfahan Tourism Exhibition 3