Conference of the “Friends of Syria” held in Tehran

Freinds of Syria

March 13, 2014 – The first meeting of heads of parliamentary foreign committees of countries friendly to Syria was held in Tehran on 12 March 2014.

Addressing the meeting, Speaker of the Iranian Majlis Mr. Ali Larijani said the West is using the armed terrorist groups as a pressure method to achieve its objectives, stressing that the countries which claim they feel the Syrians’ pain must adopt mechanisms for resolving the crisis in Syria.

Larijani said that the map of the Middle East could be changed by democracy but not through terrorism, adding “If the US is managing the affairs of the world as the Americans say, then why did not they solve the crisis in Syria?”

In his address, Mr. Boualem Bousmaha, Chairman of the Commission of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Community Abroad of the Peoples National Assembly stressed the fact that “Algeria has never hesitated to help friendly countries”. He added that his country was committed to the principle of non interference in internal affairs of states and respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of state. He focuses on the efforts of Algeria to find peaceful solutions to different crises through dialogue and negotiations at the regional and international levels.

Mr. Bousmaha reiterated the firm position of Algeria towards the Syrian crisis based on an immediate ceasefire, an end to human massacre and violence from whoever it comes and a serious dialogue between all components of the Syrian people in order to guarantee the unity and stability of Syria and preserve it from the danger of foreign interference.

He congratulated the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the UN, Mr. Lakhdar Brahimi for his continued efforts in order to put on end to the tears of the Syrian people and insure him a decent life in a stable state.

Chairperson of the Arab and Foreign Affairs Committee at the People’s Assembly Fadia Deeb said that from the beginning Syria has warned against the spread of terrorism, and terrorism has actually begun to cross borders and kill the innocents, citing what is taking place in Ukraine, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Turkey, Libya and Lebanon.

Deeb highlighted that Syria has been an example of the secular country in which all sects and religions enjoy love, tolerance and security, stressing that the Syrian people want Syria to remain this country and reject to be ruled by those of takfiri mentality who want to impose Islam on believers of other religions.

For his part, Deputy Head of the Foreign Relations Committee at the Russian State Duma, Yuri Vorobyov, stressed the firmness of the Russian stances regarding Syria, adding that what is happening in Syria is a Syrian internal issue and there could not be any foreign military or political interference in it.

He said that Russia has used the veto to preserve Syria and its institutions and was able to convince the US to attend the Geneva 2 conference, adding that other meetings should be held as to end the war in Syria because dialogue is the only way to do so.

He warned against supporting terrorism, calling for the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution that obliges countries to control their borders.

In turn, Lebanese MP Walid Sukkaryeh said that the reason of targeting Syria is its geographic location, adding that the conspiracy against Syria is aimed at fragmenting the Syrian society and igniting sedition among its people.

He added that the Syrian oppositions and the coalition are made by the west, noting that terrorism has turned into an international threat.

He affirmed that the solution in Syria is a political one that preserves the unity and position of Syria, calling for jointing efforts as to support Syria and combat terrorism.

Delegations from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Russia, Algeria, Venezuela and Cuba participated in the meeting.