Africa Day 2013

African Ambassadors meeting President Ahmadinejad on the occasion of Africa Day 2013

Independent States Should Revive World Peace

IRAN DAILY, June 3rd, 2013: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad criticized the current world order, and called on independent states to do their best to restore peace and justice in the world.

Terrorism, unilateralism and dominance are common problems of all nations and all people should act to uproot these problems, the president said in a meeting with African countries’ ambassadors in Tehran on Saturday evening, Fars News agency reported.

He underlined the need for unity and coordination among the nations and states, adding everybody should try for justice, freedom, prosperity and salvation of all human beings.

He added that hegemonic powers with different pretexts, including terrorism, drugs and environment pollution impose pressures on other states.

Ahmadinejad said that world ruling system is unfair and the United Nations, Security Council and world governing monetary structure should be changed and world governing monetary structure should be changed and be corrected upon justice and interests of the nations.

He added that justice is turning to a sacred issue and a public demand and dissatisfaction with the world governing system is spreading.

During the meeting, Ambassador of Mali, representing other African states envoys, delivered a speech before President Ahmadinejad remarks.

He said that African countries intend to expand relations and develop cooperation with Iran and hoped that such ties can be developed at the earliest.