National Day of Algeria 2019

  • The 65th anniversary of Algeria’s 1954 National Revolution was celebrated in a ceremony held at the Residence of Algeria in Tehran on Monday 25 November 2019.

National Day 2019-6

The function was attended by the Iranian Minister of Roads and Urban Development, Mr. Mohammad Eslami as well as a high number of Iranian authorities, foreign diplomats and ambassadors accredited to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

  National Day 2019-1

Also known as the Algerian War of Independence, the Algerian Revolution was an important decolonization war between the Algerian National Liberation Front and France from November 1954 to March 1962, which led to Algeria gaining independence from the European state.

Addressing the ceremony, Algerian Ambassador to Iran Abdelmoun’aam Ahriz primarily requested the guests to observe a minute of silence in memory of Francis Edward Kandeh, deputy head of mission of the Embassy of Sierra Leon, who passed away last month in Tehran.

Algerian National Day 2019-2

He, then, expressed his upmost gratitude for the guests’ participation in the celebration of the sixty-fifth anniversary of the outbreak of the glorious Algerian National Revolution.

“While we commemorate this historic occasion, dating back to over half a century, we are convinced that the history of a nation represents the basis of her existence. We deserve, as Algerians, to be proud of our history of resistance against a destructive colonization. A history rich in achievements, especially in terms of supporting just causes all over the world and defending the right of people to self-determination.”

On his country’s ties with Iran, Ahriz said in an atmosphere characterized by mutual respect, Algeria has established with the Islamic Republic a fraternal cooperative relationship which encompasses a broad range of areas.

On the political scene, the relations between the two countries are characterized by regular political consultations on matters of common interest, the ambassador noted.

On the cultural sphere, Algeria and Iran have hosted multiple cultural events and activities in both countries to strengthen the friendship between the two nations, he said.

Ahriz added also, the two countries continue their efforts to reinforce economic cooperation, particularly under the present international circumstances, by exploring the wide range of opportunities provided by their vast potential.

National Day 2019-4

Speaking at the same ceremony, Eslami said the great popular revolution of Algeria finds its roots in the history of resistance, the struggle for freedom and the combat spirit of the Algerian nation.

He added that the nation of Algeria was able to achieve victory through eight years of restless struggle and the heavy price of over 1.5 million lives and hundreds of veterans.

Both the Iranian Islamic Revolution and the Algerian Revolution conveyed a message of peace and amity, respect of human rights and the independence of all nations, the Iranian official added.

Eslami stressed that Iran insists on establishing high levels of cooperation in political, parliamentary, economic, scientific and cultural sectors.

National Day 2019-5

At the end of the ceremony, as a symbol of friendly and brotherly relations between the two countries, the Algerian Ambassodor and the Iranian Minister cut the Celebration cake together with the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, and the Director General of the Middle-East and North Africa.