H.E. Mr. Said Bouhadja meets his Iranian counterpart

H.E. Mr. Said Bouhadja, the President of the Algerian People’s National Assembly during his stay in Tehran on the occasion of 13th PUIC Conference met his Iranian counterpart H.E. Mr. Ali Laridjani, Speaker of the Iranian Islamic Consultative Assembly. During their meeting, the later hailed Algeria as a significant country that follows a positive foreign policy.

13th PUIC Conference - Bouhadja/Laridjani

It is essential for the two countries to bolster their economic ties in addition to political and security relations, he said, noting that parliaments assume of course an influential role in this respect.

Bouhadja, for his part, said that the PUIC conference is a valuable opportunity to address challenges in the region.

“No doubt, such meetings can help promote ties among Muslim states and bring them closer to one another. Such events can help countries maintain their independence against the arrogant powers”, Algerian official said.

Algeria’s policy is based on solving disputes between countries and not interfering in other countries’ internal affairs and contributing to peace and stability, he continued.

Warning about the spread of terrorism in the region, he noted that extremist forces pose threat to all countries, and said : “We should help in uprooting extremist forces which are supported by certain states but we must root them out and promote democracy”.