13th PUIC Conference in Tehran

H.E. Mr. Said Bouhadja attended 13th PUIC Conference in Tehran

13th PUIC Conference in Tehran

A delegation of the Algerian Parliament led by H.E. Mr. Said Bouhadja, the President of the People’s National Assembly took part in the 13th PUIC Conference held from 13 to 17 January 2018 in Tehran.

Along with the conference, H.E. Mr. Said Bouhadja met the Iranian President, H.E. Mr. Hassan Rouhani and the Speaker of the Iranian Islamic Consultative Assembly, H.E. Mr. Ali Laridjani. He had meetings with his counterparts from Turkey, Senegal, Mali, Iraq, Qatar and Guinea-Bissau as well.

In his meetings, he rather focused on bilateral relations, common issues and specially the ways to strengthen parliamentary diplomacy in regard with international relations.

During the Conference, H.E. Mr. Bouhadja delivered the Algerian address and expressed the words of gratitude of the participants towards the Iranian authorities for the good organization of the event and the warm hospitality they had offered.

It is worth noting that in the final communique of the Conference, Algeria is highly greeted as well as the international mediation group and all the members that helped ensure the peace process in Mali that led to the signature of the Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation in Mali.

In this regard, it should be noted that Algeria has been elected among the Executive Specialized Committee on Cultural and Legal Affairs and Dialogue of Civilizations and Religions.