Celebration of National Day 2017

The Algerian Embassy in Tehran celebrated the 63rd anniversary of the November 1st, 1954 Revolution on Wednesday, in a ceremony held at the Algerian residence in the Iranian capital.

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The ceremony was attended by Iran's Minister of Roads and Urban Development, H.E. Mr. Abbas Akhoundi, the Iranian Vice-minister of Foreign Affairs, H.E. Mr. Morteza Sarmadi, the Iranian Vice-minister of Roads and Urban Development, H.E. Mr. Asghar Fakhriyeh Kashan as well as a great number of ambassadors accredited to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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The Algerian Revolution was a long war between France and Algeria to gain its independence that lasted from November 1, 1954 to March 19, 1962.

Adressing the ceremony, the algerian Ambassador to Tehran, H.E. Mr. abdelmoun'aam Ahriz said: "The glorious Revolution of 1954 is a symbol of victory and freedom".

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"The eight-year-long war led to the martyrdom of 1.5 million Algerian people whose efforts led to the hoisting of the country's flag in the end", he added.

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Ahriz said Algeria has established brotherly relations with Iran in an atmosphere filled with mutual respect where the two sides' interests are safeguarded.

For instance, he said: "As far as political relations are concerned, the two countries understand and trust each other". And the officials of the two states hold talks on aregular basis, Ahriz added."Our cultural relations are also improved and commendable. Efforts to improve the level of economic cooperation with each other will continue in parallel with their endeavors to foster collabiorations in other sectors".

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The Iranian Minister of Roads and Urban Development, H.E. Mr. Abbas Akhoundi also insisted on the fact that the Algerian Revolution has always been a model for countries like Iran. "Based on the common historical and religious points, the two countries has been keeping tight relations in different political, commercial and cultural areas", he added.

At the end of the ceremony, H.E. the Ambassador of Algeria and the Iranian authorities cut a cake as a symbol of brotherly and friendly relations that exist between the two countries.

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