Open Doors Days Exhibition

Open Doors Days Exhibition

The Algeria Open Doors Days opened on Saturday 22 October, just days ahead of the 62nd anniversary of Algeria’s 1st November Revolution at the algerian embassy in Tehran. During two days, Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 October, an exhibition of Algerian painting, pottery, ceramic arts, traditional costumes, jewelry and dishes was held at the embassy to present Algeria's art, culture and history to the Iranian public.

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During this event, a number of Algerian films and documentaries about the country's revolution, history and tourist attractions were screened to show the revolutionary facts and natural beauties of Algeria to the public.

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Academicians, scholars and students form different universities and schools could also have a glance at lines of the Algerian literature and history through different kinds of books which were also exposed as a part of this exhibition.

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At the end of their visit, visitors couls also taste some of the Algerian traditional foods in the open air in the garden of the Embassy and exchange ideas about their visit to Algeria by far through this special event.

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