Algerian minister: Iran, Algeria to cooperate on building dams

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SUNIR – 16 Feb.: Iran and Algeria have agreed to establish joint companies to construct dams and carry out other projects, Algerian minister of water resources and environment Abdelouahab Nouri said on Tuesday.

During his visit on Kaun-3 and Karun-4 dams in southern Iran, Abdelouahab Nouri pointed that preliminary agreements had been reached for Tehran and Algiers to cooperate on building dams.

“Iran and Algeria can exchange expertise and technical know-how on constructing dams, since dams have complicated structures”, Nouri added.
The Algerian minister praised Iran as a global pioneer in dam construction.

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“Regarding the climate change in the world and the greenhouse effect, the extent of hydroelectric energy production trend in Iran proves that the country is quite advanced in the field of technology to protect the environment”, he said.

“It is very important that Iran, as a country with vast fossil resources of energy, has embarked on producing renewable energies”, he noted.