Africa Day 2012 Marked in Tehran

TEHRAN - 28 May 2012.

The group of African Ambassadors and head of missions in Tehran launched yesterday a reception here at the Algerian Embassy to mark Africa Day 2012. Algerian Ambassador Sofiane Mimouni hosted a reception attended by many Iranian officials.

Ambassador Mimouni welcomed Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi.             

Africa to Emerge as New World Power

Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said yesterday that there are ample potentials and capabilities in the African continent and the world should expect emergence of a new global power thanks to wave of awakening in that region.

He made the remarks in a special ceremony marking African Day in Algerian embassy in Tehran.

African continent for many years was under domination of colonial powers but today the African countries are standing on their own feet, he said.

The Islamic Republic of Iran pays great attention to broadening ties with African states, he said.

Expansion of relations and cooperation among African nations and their leaders is the key to their progress, he said.

Many colonial powers seek to dominate African continent to plunder their resources and assets, he said, adding that Africa should be careful in choosing its friends.

The Islamic Republic of Iran spares no efforts to help African continent gain success and development, Salehi said.

Iran is to send a large number of technicians and skilled workforces to hold short term workshops in various African countries to this effect, he said.

African Day was marked in the Algerian embassy in Tehran with participation of the Iranian foreign minister and a number of Tehran based ambassadors and heads of diplomatic missions of African countries.

African Union with 54 members was established in 1980.

source: Iran News

Iran, Algeria enjoy "very good" relations: Ambassador

TEHRAN - 29 May 2012.

The Algerian ambassador to Tehran says Iran and Algeria enjoy “very good” relationship in various spheres and are making efforts to strengthen ties. 

Ambassador Sofiane Mimouni made the remarks during an interview with the Tehran Times on the occasion of Africa Day, which is the annual commemoration on May 25 of the 1963 founding of the Organization of African Unity.  
“The level of relations between Iran and Algeria is very good, and political consultations are regularly being held between the two countries at all levels. Over the past years, bilateral relations have developed in an atmosphere of trust, mutual respect, and equality of interests of the two countries,” Mimouni stated.   
On economic cooperation between Iran and Algeria, he said, “I gladly announce that the holding of the first (meeting) of (the joint) high economic commission in November 2010, in which relations between the two countries were assessed as good, introduced new areas for cooperation, and this will help increase the volume of bilateral trade and diversify interactions.
“The common goal that we have set is to make economic cooperation between the two countries more stable. We are making preparations to hold the second meeting of the joint high economic commission, which will be held in Algiers.” 
The top Algerian diplomat in Iran added that the volume of bilateral trade is not satisfactory and that the two countries have signed more than 40 agreements to enhance economic ties. 
He also stated that efforts are underway to develop cultural ties between the two countries.   
Elsewhere in his remarks, Mr. Mimouni said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has announced that expanding ties with African countries is a priority in its foreign policy, an attitude welcomed by African countries. We hope to see a high level of cooperation between Iran and African countries.” 
And it is necessary that both sides hold more consultations and abide by their commitments to help strengthen ties, the Ambassador added.
H.E.Mr. Sofiane Mimouni received the iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs, H.E.Mr. Ali Akbar Salehi, on the occasion of the celebration of Africa Day at the Algerian Embassy in Tehran.

Africa Day; Tehran - Iran

TEHRAN - 29 may 2012.

Africains Ambassadors in a meeting with President Ahmadinejad on the occasion of Africa Day


Celebration of Africa Day 2012, Algerian Embassy in Tehran


Algeria Seeks Real Partnership

TEHRAN - 29 May 2012.

Both Iran and Algeria are Muslim states with amicable ties. In recent years the two sides moved to expand their relations in all fields. In an interview with Iran Daily, the Algerian Ambassador to Tehran Sofiane Mimouni explains his country’s ties with Iran and the latest international development.

Iran Daily: How do you view the relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Africa?

Ambassador Mimouni: Indeed the Iranian Government has stated several times that the development of its relations with African countries is a foreign policy priority. We welcome this statement and look forward to a real partnership between Africa and the Government of Iran.

The decision of His Excellency President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to receive the ambassadors and heads of African diplomatic missions in Teheran on the occasion of the celebration of Africa Day and the participation today of His Excellency Ali Akbar Salehi to this event illustrate the excellent relations existing between Iran and Africa but also the common desires to strengthen further the economic cooperation.

It is important that Africa and Iran are today strengthening their cooperation in order to take advantage of the enormous potential inherent in their economies.

There is a strong willingness among African countries to cooperate with Iran in order to overcome the challenges of development. In this regard, it is imperative that the two parties maintain and reinforce the dialogue and remain conscious of their mutual aspirations and commitments. They must foster relations and pursue relationships leading to the establishment of partnership relations, mutual benefit and common development.

  • What is the rote of the African Union in the settlement of the conflicts in Africa?

The African Union plays an important role in the resolution of conflicts and the maintenance of peace in the continent. In order to overcome this challenge, the African Union has established a Peace and Security Council with a mandate to intervene in conflicts by deploying peacekeeping missions or military forces in some situations. There is no doubt that Africa has demonstrated in the last few years its strong to cope the challenges it faces, in this regard, the efforts deployed by the Council of Peace and Security reflect the renewed commitment of the African Union to fully play its role in the resolution of conflicts and crises that continue to plague the continent and in the promotion of peace and security in the continent.

  • Why is the African Union not playing any role in the settlement of the conflict between the Republic of Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan?

The African Union is playing an important role in the settlement of the conflict between the Republic of Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan. From its inception, the African Union has expressed its serious concerns about the situation created by the fighting between the two parties and has shown a strong determination in resolving this conflict. In this regard, the African Union has elaborated a roadmap for the settlement t of this conflict and made an appeal to the Republic of Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan to cooperate fully in the implementation of the African Union Roadmap which now has the full support of the Security Council of the United Nations through its resolution 2044 (2012) dated May 2, 2012.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (L) shakes hands with H.E. Mr. Sofiane Mimouni, Algerian Ambassador to Tehran.
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (L) shakes hands with H.E. Mr. Sofiane Mimouni, Algerian Ambassador to Tehran.
  • What is your evaluation of relations between Algeria and Iran?

The longstanding relations of friendship between the two countries have been marked in the course of these last years by a shared willingness to put bilateral relations on a new dynamic. This dynamic was reflected through the regular high level consultations between the two presidents on bilateral a well as multilateral issues.

It was also reflected during the visit that Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi paid to Algeria last year and the holding in Tehran of the first session of the High Joint Commission between Algeria and Iran.

 President Bouteflika and President Ahmadinejad decided to give new impetus to bilateral cooperation by exploiting all the Opportunities for strengthening the political, economical, scientific and cultural relations.

In the political field, the two countries succeeded in establishing a tradition of dialogue and consultations on issues of common interest at the highest level. In addition to the consultations between the two presidents, there is a mechanism for regular political consultations between our two foreign ministries.

With regard to the economic field, I note with satisfaction the holding in Tehran, on November 2010, of the first session of the High Joint Commission, which provided an excellent opportunity to make an assessment of our relationships and succeeded in identifying new areas of cooperation in order to strengthen our cooperation and to diversify our trade. This session have illustrated the desire of the two countries to start a new phase marked by a political will and a mutual resolve to reinforce and develop the bilateral relations.

Culture is, also an important part of our bilateral cooperation as we believe it is the preferred vehicle of the understanding between the Algerian and the Iranian peoples.

In this respect, a week of handicrafts of the province of Isfahan was held in Algiers in February 2008 and, last February, Tehran hosted a week of the Algerian handicrafts. Iran plans to hold a week of the Iranian craft in Algeria before the end of the уеar. This means that the executive program of cultural exchange signed by the two countries is implemented. It means that the Algerian-Iranian cooperation is strengthening in a continuous, comprehensive and balanced way in order to involve all aspects of our relationships.

source: Iran Daily

Africa Day observed in Iran

TEHRAN - 28 Mai 2012

Africa Day was commemorated during a ceremony held at the Algerian embassy in Tehran on Sunday with the participation of Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi and African ambassadors based in Tehran. The commemoration is annually held in 32 independent African states to mark the establishment of the Organization of African Unity on May 25 in 1963.



توطید العلاقات مع الدول الأفریقیة

طهران : 28 MAY 2012

في مراسم إحیاء یوم آفریقیا بالسفارة الجزائریة في طهران

صالحي یؤکد علی توطید العلاقات مع الدول الأفریقیة

قال وزیر الخارجیة الإیراني، علی أکبر صالحي: إن القارة الأفریقیة تملک طاقات وإمکانیات هائلة وإعتبرها بأنها قوة صاعدة وقال :إن أفریقیا کانت ترزح تحت نیر الإستعمار في السابق، أما الیوم فقد وجدت مکانتها ونشهد تیارا للصحوة فیها. وأضاف صالحي، أمس الأحد، في تکریم یوم أفریقیا اقیم بالسفارة الجزائریة في طهران، أن الجمهوریة الإسلامیة الإیرانیة تولي أهمیة خاصة للعلاقات الشاملة مع الدول الأفریقیة وأن استقبال رئیس الجمهوریة یوم أمس، لسفراء الدول الأفریقیة بمناسبة یوم أفریقیا وحضوره هو في هذه المراسم مؤشر علی إرادة الجمهوریة الإسلامیة الإیرانیة لتعزیز العلاقات الشاملة مع  القارة الإفریقیة.

وأکد علی ضرورة أهمیة ودعم الوحدة بین الشعوب والقادة الأفارقة واصفاً هذا الأمر بأنه أهم رمز لتطور أفریقیا. وصرح صالحي بأن أعین العدید من القوی الکبری علی هذه القارة بسبب ثرواتها ومواردها الغنیة وقال أن علی أفریقیا أن تعتمد الدقة في اختیار أصدقائها.

 ووصف وزیر الخارجیة، یوم أفریقیا بأنه یوم صحوة الشعوب المظلومة یوم الصمود في مواجهة الظلم والجور ویوم النظرة إلی المستقبل وقال: إن إیران مستعدة قدر إمکانیاتها للمساعدة في تحقیق التطور في أفریقیا.

وأضاف صالحي: أن الجمهوریة الإسلامیة الإیرانیة تسعی لإیفاد مجموعة من کوادرها العلمیة  وخبرائها للدول الأفریقیة المختلفة لإقامة دورات فنیة  ومهنیة وطبیة قصیرة الأمد لمساعدة الدول الافریقیة.

ویذکر ان مراسم یوم أفریقیا أقیمت بمقر السفارة الجزائریة في طهران بمشارکة وزیر الخارجیة وعدد من السفراء ورؤوساء البعثات  الدبلوماسیة  الأفریقیة المعتمدة في مقر السفارة الجزائریة في طهران.

 وقد ألقی السفیر الجزائري (سفیان میموني) کلمة في بدایة المراسم حیث رحّب بالضیوف وإستعرض تاریخ تأسیس الإتحاد الافریقي. ثم تحدث سفیر مالي حول قارة أفریقیا معربا عن تقدیره لإهتمام الجمهوریة الإسلامیة بالعلاقات مع أفریقیا.

الجدیر بالذکر أن الإتحاد الأفریقي قد تأسس عام 1940 ویتألف من 54 عضو.

المصدر: الوفاق، صحیفة إیران الدولیة